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Most Loved Aunt!

Welcome to Yi Poh

We Are Seremban Crafted Food & Beverages Serving Since 1948.

Founded in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Local's favourite choice of noodles.

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Most Loved Aunt!

Yi Poh Outlets

Founded in Seremban, Growing across Malaysia!

Founded in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Local's favourite choice of noodles.


Monday - Sunday | 8AM - 11PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Seremban established brand of restaurant that served varieties delicious noodles & rice menu.
Quality and Fresh Ingredients. Comfortable ambience and environment.

Yi Poh Lo C Fun

Compliment with aromatic minced meat, barbecue char siew, dark soy sauce and fresh green onions.


Yi Poh Wantan Mee

Springy egg noodles compliment with dairy soy, barbecue char siew, fresh green veg. with wantans.


Yi Poh Hakka Mee

Hakka-styled noodles compliment with aromatic minced meat and barbecue char siew and green onions.


Yi Poh Claypots

Variety of claypot noodles.

Claypot Series

Yi Poh Pork Noodles

Delicious peppery broth with noodles and pork.


Yi Poh Meatballs

Variety of homemade meatballs noodles.

Meatball Series

Yi Poh Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa Noodles Series.

Curry Laksa Series

Yi Poh Tom Yam

Tomyam Noodles Series.

Tomyam Series

Yi Poh Rice Series

Rice Series

Rice Series

Good Food | Good Noodles

Yi Poh wishes you

Happy Dining!

A bowl of noodles can easily gathers people together.

Yi Poh Lo C Fun always the preferred choice for breakfast, lunch. It goes well even if dining in, takeaway or delivery.

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